TouchOffice Web

Real time and historical sales reports at your fingertips. TouchOfffice Web provides complete control over your business from anywhere. Stock, staff, pricing and programming; TouchOffice Web gives you control over it all.

TouchOffice Web

Visual Analytics

TouchOffice Web presents information in easy-to-analyse graphs and charts, givingyou the power to drill down into specific data instantly. Export your data into .xls or .pdf at the click of a button.


Stock Control

Know your stock levels, schedule / place orders and easily keep track of your ins & outs.


Time & Attendance

Keep a reliable, accurate record of your staff time and attendance. If an employee disputes their hours you have the facts.


Historical Insights

Create historical reports to get deep insights to sales and staff performance over time. Track, compare and contrast your historical data easily day by day, year by year and drill down into specifics.


Multi-site Control

Instant business management over your entire estate. Whether you want sales performance for a single site, or you want to make programming changes across your entire business, you’re in control.


Make Real-Time Decisions

TouchOffice Web gives you instant access to specific real-time sales data. All data is pushed into graphs and charts, allowing you to easily spot and identify trends or patterns and react.



TouchOffice Web gives you a bird’s eye view of your business, from anywhere, anytime on any device. The software is versatile enough to be used by businesses in any sector.

Key Benefits

  • Keep an eye on day to day activity with real-time sales information.
  • Drill down into historical sales information and get detailed insights for future decision making.
  • Integrated with account software.
  • Monitor and detect fraud by combining clerk audit trail with compatible CCTV systems.
  • Stay in control with a stock control system and use handheld TouchStock devices to perform stock takes, create supplier orders or branch transfers and schedule deliveries.
  • Manage staff with Time & Attendance reports.
  • Remotely make programming changes to POS systems online from anywhere, at a single site or globally over multiple sites.
TouchOffice Web
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trending_up Accounts Integration

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?

ICRTouch's TouchOffice Web software integrates with HMRC recognised accounts packages Xero, Sage 50 and QuickBooks.

ByTable App

Feed your customers with your own branded website and mobile phone app.

Take orders securely online via your own branded app - ideal for home deliveries, collection or contactless order at table.
ByTable integrates directly with ICRTouch software to offer a seemless experience. Orders print directly to the kitchen are included in your epos terminal reports and cloud reporting tools.

Integrate with Payment Sense
Take quicker, smarter payments at no extra cost

  • Faster transactions
    With your till and card machine connected, there’s no need to key in transactions manually. Which means faster payments, shorter queues and happier customers. 
  • Zero errors – no fraud possible!
    Say goodbye to chargebacks and costly staff mistakes – integrated payments does away with errors caused by miskeyed transactions or fraud
  • Simpler reporting
    Cash up in minutes at the end of each day: your cash and card payments will always add up. 
  • PCI Compliance
    You are safe in the knowledge your customer data is safe and protected