PocketTouch - Mobile PoS Software

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. A revolutionary hand-held software solution from ICRTouch designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries.

Take orders seamlessly from table or queue, straight to the heart of the kitchen and bar, providing a quick and efficient service to the customer.

Handwritten mistakes are a thing of the past and Chef can get straight on with preparing the food. Order updates made on PocketTouch are automatically updated on the bill, making the whole process more efficient.

With PocketTouch you eliminate sources of disappointment, such as taking incorrect orders and running out of specials, so your customers remain happier and are more likely to spend more and visit again.


Graphical Table Plan

Staff can easily identify and open the correct table. Supports multiple floor levels, with optional by seat ordering.


Kitchen & Bar Printing

Sends the order straight to the kitchen or bar, saving time and staff spend more time with the customers.


Faster Service

Faster table turnaround through seamless integration enables more covers per table.


Informed Staff

Staff know whats on the menu and what isn't. If an item is out of stock, your waiting staff know right away.

Key Benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction at the table through notifications to staff when items are off the menu.
  • Fewer mistakes, orders are clear and don’t have illegible handwriting plus orders don’t get lost.
  • Faster table turnaround through seamless integration enables more covers per table.
  • Increased spend per head on drinks orders straight to the bar, the waiting staff can remain on the floor and offer customers more.
  • Queue-busting potential of having service staff take orders at busy times.
  • Table service process is simple and efficient making life easier for staff and customers.
  • Increases revenue by up to 25%.
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Increase your turnover and improve customer service with the NCR Orderman.

When paired with ICR's PocketTouch software, Alliance Till Systems can create an integrated, easy to use mobile EPoS solution, customised to your individual business needs.


Tea Garden, Mallaig

"Moving from paper-based checks to handheld digital ordering, the difference in speed from the table to kitchen is incredible. "

"Today there are high expectations from customers, and with the Orderman system people feel like they’re getting great service immediately."
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