Paymentsense Integration

Payment is possibly one of the most important part of any customer experience. From the moment they ask for the bill, it signals your customer is now ready to leave your premises. The faster this can be achieved the happier they will be, and this often forms the lasting memory. You have provided great food and service so don’t spoil their experience by extending the payment process.

Integration between your Epos system and Payment Services will enable you to expediate this last part of the experience so your guests can leave your premises happy with a bright lasting memory.  

Make your life easier and choose to integrate with Payment Sense to take quicker, smarter payments at no extra cost. 

  • Faster transactions
    With your till and card machine connected, there’s no need to key in transactions twice. Which means faster payments, shorter queues and happier customers. 
  • Zero errors - no fraud possible!
    Say goodbye to chargebacks and costly staff mistakes - no more errors caused by miskeyed transactions or fraud. 
  • Simpler reporting
    Cash up in minutes at the end of each day - your cash and card payments will always add up.
  • PCI compliance
    You are safe in the knowledge your customer data is safe and protected. 
  • Completely contactless payments
    Totals are sent directly from the EPOS system to the terminal, no need for staff to manually enter amounts.

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