ICRTouchPoint is the number one Epos solution from supermarkets to bookshops, visitor centres or independent boutiques.


TouchPoint in retail can...

Manage customer account with credit limits.

There’s no need to sacrifice shopfloor sales time for time spent adding new stock to TouchPoint. You can do it while the till’s in use in store.

You only need to add a product once because TouchPoint remembers stock items by barcode.

TouchPoint for security

Identify the cashier using a pin number, magnetic card, iButton, finger print, RFID cards and more. You’ll know who was at the till and when they were there.

Require a manager to count the cash in each till drawer before an end-of-day report. Touchpoint reports discrepancies.

Track your tills even when you’re not there. Use “Remote Journal Viewing” to oversee bar sales from afar.

For visual security, “CCTV Journal Overlay” combines security camera footage with live information from the till.

Selling alcohol or knives in store? Touchpoint will automatically prompt a cashier to check the customer’s age and it’ll record the results.

Combine with TouchOffice, TouchLoyalty and TouchStock


ICRTouch’s back office add-on software functions as a virtual version of what’s behind the bar and in your cupboards and cellars. Together they give fantastic control over file maintenance, stock management and provide more detailed reports.


TouchPoint features customer loyalty software that accurately tracks and targets promotions. It’s the most comprehensive built-in loyalty software on the market. Combine it with TouchLoyalty and you’ll have the secret to fantastic customer service at your fingertips and you’ll even be able to send your own email marketing.


ICRTouch’s hand-held stock control device is small and mighty. Replace those paper print-outs and time-hungry shelf-checks with TouchStock. It delivers flexibility, ease of use, and speed. Track stock, add new lines, sync the information with your back office PC.