ICRTouchPoint is the number one Epos solution for restaurants, from the michelin starred to the local trattorria or fast food take away, TouchPoint has many features to help you manage your buisness and is the must have Touch Screen till. Just ask the people at Amaretto restaurant - they love their new epos solution !!


When it comes to dining out, TouchPoint’s got it covered…

Incorporates a visual table plan across multiple dining areas and floors.

Displays the status of any given table. Is it in use? How much have diners spent? Has the bill been requested?

Includes a reservation diary. Tables can be booked and deposits accepted months in advance.

Online table reservations system allows customers to book using a PC or mobile phone. Synchronises with the reservation diary.

Stock control — keep track of products and control what’s being sold. If the seared tuna has all gone, TouchPoint won’t let the waiting staff accept any more orders.

Remind servers to ask if the customer prefers fries, or if the steak should be medium. Programme it to your exact requirements and upsell!

Table analysis — find out which are your most and least popular tables.

Deals with set menus and can swap between them with ease if a diner changes his or her mind.

Combine with TouchOffice, PocketTouch and TouchKitchen


ICRTouch’s back office add-on software functions as a virtual version of what’s behind the bar and in your cupboards and cellars. Together they give fantastic control over file maintenance, stock management and provide more detailed reports.


Pair TouchPoint with our handheld digital ordering system, PocketTouch and you have an EPoS system capable of taking orders directly at the table (even if it’s al fresco). No more illegible hand written orders being deciphered at the till. PocketTouch transmits the order directly to the terminal and the printers or displays in the kitchen. In the event of the customer asking for something that’s not on the menu custom messages can be keyed in, or even written directly onto the unit by hand!


A large bright monitor in the kitchen displays food orders. They can be moved around or saved until later. The software saves time, money and mistakes on food orders because is replaces a badly written paper chit that has to be walked to the kitchen.