ICRTouchPoint is the number one Epos solution from members only clubs to private gyms, golf clubs, or social clubs.


What can TouchPoint do for you?

For your members only restaurant, TouchPoint incorporates a visual table plan across multiple dining areas and floors. It has a built in reservation diary and control what’s being sold. If the seared tuna has all gone, TouchPoint won’t let the waiting staff accept any more orders. TouchPoint prompts waiting staff to ask if the customer prefers fries, or if the steak should be medium. Programme it to your exact requirements and upsell!

For your private bar, TouchPoint’s designed for speed so you can make a sale with the fewest key presses. Running a tab? TouchPoint replaces bits of paper. It’s easy, digital, accurate and all on screen. TouchPoint’s great for promotions. Happy hours, functions and promotions are simple. TouchPoint manages them at the point of sale and then adjusts stock levels accordingly. Suddenly it’s happy hour for everyone!

TouchPoint can be set up to run and manage prepaid accounts. Accept payments upfront in exchange for discounts on future purchases. Credit or link the account to a loyaIty card so members don’t have to carry cash.

Loyalty cards issued through TouchPoint can also be used to control door entry systems so a club or private area is restricted.

Use TouchPoint to restrict the sale of certain products to members who are under age.

TouchPoint can impose expiry dates so members have to renew annually every time they swipe their loyalty/membership card.

Link a guest’s account to a photo so that you can confirm their identity when a card is swiped at TouchPoint.

Combine with TouchOffice, TouchLoyalty and TouchTopUp


ICRTouch’s back office add-on software functions as a virtual version of what’s behind the bar and in your cupboards and cellars. Together they give fantastic control over file maintenance, stock management and provide more detailed reports.


TouchPoint features customer loyalty software that accurately tracks and targets promotions. It’s the most comprehensive built-in loyalty software on the market. Combine it with TouchLoyalty and you’ll have the secret to fantastic customer service at your fingertips and you’ll even be able to send your own email marketing.


Install this clever box to allow customers to credit their loyalty/membership card with cash.